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School Purpose: The school community is committed to the full development of the unique qualities, abilities and talents of all students, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed at school and in the wider community in the 21st century. It is our aim to have this occur inside a safe learning community that is vibrant and responsive and hallmarked by an aesthetically appealing environment, respectful relationships between staff and students, tolerance and understanding of difference and diversity, broad community involvement, and high expectations on student learning. 

Wyong Public School was established in 1888 and relocated to spacious new buildings on its present site in 1978. The 21 classrooms all connect to large indoor areas suitable for art, craft, cooking etc. Each pair of classrooms shares loft space and two withdrawal rooms for small group activities. The school has a library-information centre, a computer lab, three audio-visual rooms and a large hall with stage and lighting. Most students live locally in either government or low to middle income private housing. Some students travel considerable distances to attend the two O.C. classes for academically gifted students and the I.M. support class for students with mild learning disabilities. The very dedicated school staff is strongly committed to meeting the diverse needs of students through quality education programs. Emphasis is placed on student welfare and improving standards in literacy and numeracy. Staff and parent helpers also provide students with a wide range of opportunities to develop their interests and abilities in other areas. Many parents are unable to provide financial support to the school. Consequently, the school receives additional funds through what is to be known in 2001 as the Priority Schools Funding Program.